10 Foods Rich in Selenium


Immune Booster Recipe for a Selenium Deficiency

By: Michelle Wohlfarth
Are you struggling with how to handle a thyroid gland imbalance, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or healing from cancer? Have you ever considered that you may be deficient in the mineral selenium?
There are many contributing factors to a strong immune system but we as individuals play the main role in keeping our immune system strong just by paying attention to the food we eat. The choices we make each time we put food in our mouths is a key component as to whether we will live our lives with or without vitality and strength. The choices are yours to make.
We hear about key vitamins that are essential to immune health like, zinc, Vitamin A, C, E and B complex. One mineral that we don’t hear as much about but has a significant impact on the strength of the immune system is the mineral selenium. A selenium deficiency can contribute to thyroid imbalances, some types of cancer, sluggish metabolism, MS, arthritis. It’s interesting that we don’t hear much about trace minerals when their impact on our health is life changing. The depletion of minerals from our soil has caused our diets to be lacking in minerals like magnesium and selenium, which are truly the gatekeepers of the immune system and calcium absorption. Cancer rates are lower in areas where selenium is abundant in the soil. Getting enough selenium in the diet can cut certain cancer death rates by 50%. (Journal of the American Medical Assoc., 1996)
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Advocate Health Care



South Kelso Community Health Advocates Distribute 600 Water Bottles

South Kelso Community Health Advocates, led by CHW Coach Jen Schapman, handed out around 600 water bottles on February 25th donated by Kaiser Permanent to promote the installation of a new hydration station that was donated by Brita in partnership with Mission Readiness and the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition.
Savannah Killsree, a high school student health advocate, worked very hard preparing for this event and even gathered dozens of donations from local businesses for a student drawing.
Several student volunteers attended to disperse water bottles, host the drawing, and to engage the students in a pledge to “drink a bottle of water a day” displayed in a prominent hallway on a large poster which students proudly signed.

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Cleansing Beet Salad



Fall Flush Beet Salad Recipe – Easy & Cleansing

By: Michelle Wohlfarth
One of the best salads I like to make when I’m doing some kind of detox is the Raw Beet Salad. This is the easiest salad to make and so good for you. Beets are very cleansing and high in iron so they are perfect for supplying your blood with lots of nutrients. Make this ahead of time and eat it with lunch or dinner and feel your blood get stronger! So here you have the Fall Flush Beet Salad Recipe…

Shredded Raw Beet Salad

Scrub and peel 2 beets.
Either with a shredder or in the food processor with the shred blade. Shred the beets into a bowl.
Mix with the juice of 1 lemon
Add about 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil (more to taste)
Add sea salt (and pepper if desired)
Mix together and serve.
This will taste better with age so I like to make more then 1 batch in order to eat it for a couple of days. I often will add minced garlic, basil, parsley or cilantro for a little change.
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