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Words Are Powerful

In Proverbs 18:21 of the Bible, it says, “The tongue has the power of life and death…..”  Scientific evidence now shows, that is, in fact true. Take a look at the pictures below.


After seeing water react to different environmental conditions, pollution and music, Dr. Masaru Emoto, and colleagues, decided to see how thoughts and words affected the formation of untreated, distilled, water crystals, using words typed onto paper by a word processor and taped on glass bottles overnight.

The same procedure was performed using the names of deceased persons. The waters were then frozen and photographed.

We have all been affected by words. Words spoken to us by someone that didn’t have the understanding or ability to communicate in a way that was not harmful to themselves or us.

But there is good news………….Your brain can now be healed from all of the harmful words that have been spoken to you with Paraliminals.

You can also now overcome obstacles that have been holding you back in achieving your goals in life.

Developed by Paul R. Scheele, Paraliminals have the ability to access your brains’ untaped abilities, using powerful healing words only.  It is not hypnosis or subliminal messages.

There is a complete library which can be accessed here; or individual paraliminals can be gotten here.

There are several main aspects to healing. Nutrition, Detoxing, Fun Exercise, and Spiritual/Mental. At the end of every program that I ever purchased for healing purposes, they always addressed the mental aspect and connection to our health, often using the examples of people actually recovering by watching comedies and laughing. Other than that, there were no real answers.

Words really do make a difference, and the more healthy words you hear, in this way, the better you will feel.


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How to Use Lemon Peels to Help Fight Cancer?

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By Georgia Landry
Did you know that lemon peels have an enormous amount of
health benefits? These include the ability to lower cholesterol, boost your immune system and, even help to prevent cancer.
Lemon peels are often overlooked, but they offer anti-microbial protection against bacterial and fungal infections. Thus helping your body to eliminate internal worms and parasites.
Also, with an increase media reporting regarding the many health benefits of various vegetables and fruits, you may have already heard that lemons cure cancer. While this is not completely factual, there have been many studies that show a strong basis in using lemons for the treatment of cancer.
Using Lemons for Cancer
The benefits of lemon for cancer treatment could be related to specific compounds found in them, which are limonoids and flavonoids. These compounds, may either stop the formation and growth of cancer cells, or have been shown in studies to kill them outright. The studies have been conducted on animals and in laboratory conditions using human breast cancer cells.
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7 Healthy Reasons to Add Pineapple to Your Water Daily

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By Georgia Landry
Pineapples with their sweet, tart flavor makes the perfect snack. Also, they are especially good on hot summer days because of their cooling effect.
The idea that pineapples are also very healthy only makes them better. But, you probably have no idea how healthy they are, until now.
Did you know that adding a piece of pineapple to your water every morning, gives you a dose of good nutrients and does wonders for your health and body!
Health Benefits of Pineapple:
1. Balances Your Electrolytes
Pineapple contains potassium which helps in making your body a lot stronger. It also maintains the proper balance of electrolytes in your body, preventing injuries and cramps.
2. Cleanses Your Body
Pineapple flesh contains enzymes that helps combat toxins and parasites. Drinking a glass of pineapple water daily, can make your body healthy and clean.
3. Helps You Lose Weight
Pineapple contains fiber, which takes a long time to digest, thus causing a prolonged feeling of satiety. Drinking pineapple water in the morning prevents fat and sugar cravings. Thiamine helps in boosting your body’s metabolism by converting carbohydrates into energy.
4. Improves Your Eyesight
Pineapple contains vitamin A and beta-carotene, which is good for eyesight. Data which was published in the Archives of Ophthalmology stated that eating 3 or more servings of pineapple daily, may lower your risk of age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), which is the main cause of vision loss in older adults.
5. Improves Your Oral Hygiene
Pineapple contains bromelin, which help in removing plaque and stains from your teeth. This makes your mouth happier and healthier.
6. Fights Inflammation
Bromelain is an enzyme which has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps your body get rid of toxins by fighting off inflammation, that impacts all the organs and tissues in the body. Regular consumption of pineapple can help in the treatment of mild forms of arthritis and sports injuries, by reducing inflammation and pain.
7. Regulates Your Thyroid
Iodine is also found in pineapple, which is effective at treating certain autoimmune disorders. This makes it effective for reducing thyroiditis symptoms.
10 Reasons to Add Pineapple to your Water Daily

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