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Is Money a Blessing or a Curse?

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By Frank Sonnenberg
Money is a funny thing. Some people view it as a measure of their self-worth, while others view money as a necessary evil. For some people, money is a blessing, while for others, it’s a curse. The key is to keep a healthy view of money. Is money a blessing or a curse for you? Consider the following:
Keep money in perspective. Some folks spend so much time worrying about money that parting with it diminishes the joy of making any purchase or appreciating the moment.
Avoid viewing shopping as a sport. Don’t treat shopping as a competition where winning –– getting an amazing deal –– gives you more pleasure than owning the merchandise.
Be conscious of your spending habits. Focus the bulk of your purchases on what you need rather than on what you want.
Spend money on priorities. Money is worth something only if you spend it. Therefore, spend it on things that are most important to you.
Make sure your decisions add up. Think big picture. If you’re moving heaven and earth to save a few pennies a year, but you’re making yourself a nervous wreck, get a life.
Saving can be costly. Cheapskates can damage their relationships with others by their behavior. Determine the impact that your decisions have on those around you.
Manage your money. Earning money is only a start. Grow your money by saving/investing it properly, so that you make money while you sleep. Remember, you can’t cut your way to wealth.
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4 Lessons On How To Truly Be A Leader from Mother Teresa

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Service towards your team, above all else, is the primary objective for great leaders. They inspire their team to persevere through the tough times, sharing in the spoils of victory when they reach their objective together. A title is simply something that represents the right to make decisions. It does not represent the right to shirk responsibility through gratuitous delegation.
There are few people in history that have embodied a service-filled leadership style more than Mother Teresa. Spiritual intelligence was her greatest gift, and it is always wise to pay attention to the example set by those who have come before you.
If you’re ready to break free from your 9-5 and lead your own company, or need to take your team to the next level, pay close attention to the following lessons, based on powerful quotes from Mother Teresa.
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4 Tips for Finding a Job that Matches Your Personality

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Considering that most of us spend the better part of our adult lives at work, identifying and pursuing a career that matches our individual personality and personal interests is important.
But figuring out what types of jobs will mesh well with our personality type can be easier said than done. Research shows that we tend to be bad at predicting how much we’ll like something in the future, which may account for the fact that so many of us are unhappy in our current careers.
With that said, though, finding the right work environment is possible. So whether you’re changing careers after years in the same profession or are just starting out, here are a few tips for finding a job that matches your personality.
  1. Consider your personal values
Although things like salary and opportunities for advancement are important to consider when choosing a career path, you should also consider your personal values and preferences.
For instance, some people may value flexible working hours and the ability to travel. Others might place more importance on having a fixed schedule and making a lot of money.
If you’re not sure what is important to you, a personal values assessment can help you identify your priorities. To do this, find a free work value checklist online and then rate the different intrinsic, extrinsic and lifestyle values on a scale of 1 to 10.
Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to narrow down the highest scoring values. This will give you a much clearer picture of what your personal values are and what you should be looking for in a job.
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