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Study Says, Saunas Lower Your Risk from Heart Disease

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By Georgia Landry
New report have stated that frequent sauna bathing may lower the risks of cardiac death, among men.
A recent report in JAMA Internal Medicine makes this pastime even more appealing; spending regular time in a sauna may help keep your heart healthy and extend your life.
Researchers from the University of Eastern Finland studied 2,300 middle-aged men for an average span of 20 years. They categorized the men into 3 groups, that is according to how often they used sauna each week. The men spent an average of at least 14 minutes per visit baking in 175° F heat.
Over the course of the research, 49% of the men who went to a sauna once a week died, as compared with 38% of those who went for 2-3 times a week and just 31% of those who went 4-7 times a week. Frequent or regular visits to a sauna were also linked with lower death rates from stroke and cardiovascular disease.
The results does not come as a surprise to a cardiologist at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dr. Thomas H. Lee. The cardiovascular effects of sauna have been documented in the past. Using sauna helps in lowering blood pressure, and there is reason to believe that its effects are good for blood vessels.
Earlier studies have shown that regular sauna bathing may be beneficial to individuals with risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. It is generally safe and beneficial for people with mild heart failure, but may not be so good for people with a recent heart attack and unstable angina.
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How To Relieve Your Headache and Stress With Acupressure In 30 Seconds

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Posted by: Monica
Acupressure is an alternative therapy, which originates from the traditional Chinese medicine. According to this therapy, there are certain acupressure points on the body, which when targeted can address a particular organ. The different organs of the body are connected to these acupressure points with 12 channels. Therefore, the main aim of this therapy is to stimulate the body and relax the muscles. Moreover, this self-massage technique can provide relief to some common discomfort and improve the overall health.
Acupressure Point to Relieve Headache and Stress
One of the easiest acupressure points you can address is to massage the point between the thumb and index finger. This acupressure point is called the hook spot. Hence, by massaging the hook spot, you can target and alleviate a severe headache and reduce the stress levels.
So, you should apply a firm pressure on this point and do a rotary movement or an up-and-down movement for 30 seconds up to several minutes at a time. You can perform this technique as many times a day as you want. Make sure you are in a comfortable position, relaxed, close your eyes and breathe deeply. You can perform it yourself or with the help of another person.
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She Put Exactly 14 Eggs In Ice Cube Tray And Left It In The Freezer For 2 Hours. When She Saw What Happened Next She Decided To Do The Same Thing Every Day! Amazing!

Did you know that you can freeze eggs? In fact, you can keep them longer by freezing them. The taste of frozen eggs is similar to the taste when they are thawed. So, grab more eggs when they are on sale or use them up when you have a lot about to expire too.
How to Freeze Eggs
All you have to do is take an ice cube tray, crack the eggs and add them in it without using any kind of spray or oils. Next, you should place the tray into the freezer and freeze until the eggs are frozen solid (approximately 2 hours). Once they are frozen you can remove the eggs from the container. In case they are stuck, let them sit in warm water for 1 minute and they will pop right out. Then, you can store them to a gallon sized freezer safe bag and keep them up to a year.
When you need them, simply let them stay at room temperature and you can use them in any recipe. For instance, you can use them for baking, breading chicken, scrambled eggs, and french toast.
However, if you prepare recipes which require only egg whites or egg yolks, then consider freezing them already separated. Therefore, freeze the white into one ice cube spot and the yolk in another spot.
Other Foods You Should Freeze
So, besides freezing ice and eggs, there are several other ingredients you should freeze. These are some of the perfectly suited foods for freezing in an ice cube tray.
Homemade Stock
You can store about 2 tablespoons of stock and use it afterwards for reheating leftovers or making a sauce.
Did you notice that when you drink ice coffee, you get a coffee-flavored water? By storing coffee in the ice cube tray and later adding it to our coffee, you will get strong iced coffee.
Milk and Buttermilk
If you often find yourself with leftover milk or buttermilk, make sure it doesn’t spoil by keeping it in the freezer. Hence, you will always have a little on hand when you need it.
Lemon Juice
There are many recipes which require a bit of lemon juice. By keeping lemon juice in the ice cube tray, you will always have a ready lemon juice cube.
Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil
You can preserve the flavor of the herbs and use them all year round by storing them in ice cube trays with olive oil.
Grated Ginger
We all know how healthy ginger is. Therefore, you should always have it at hand. Buy fresh ginger, peel it, grate it, and store it in the ice cube trays. As a result, you will get a ready spice for each dish.
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