Stage 4 Cancer Disappears With Baking Soda Treatment

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Stage 4 Cancer Disappears With Baking Soda Treatment
This is not intended to be a replacement for something your doctor would advise. Always consult your physician. An
An oncologist with a knowledge of this cure would be most helpful.
Baking Sodasodium-bicarbonate-baking-soda-cancer-cure
One Man’s Story
Vernon Johnston was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer, and his options were few. The standard treatment, chemotherapy and drugs would be used in the hope that they could kill off the cancer cells faster that they kill off healthy, normal cells.
Chemotherapy represents a drastic measure that oncologists are all too eager to recommend and an option patients dread with good reasons. Often times, chemotherapy leaves the body drained and the immune system damaged.
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Coalitions get grants to improve healthy living in A.C., elsewhere

Press of Atlantic
Posted: Sunday, July 24, 2016 10:20 pm
A lot more than doctors’ visits, vaccinations, vitamins and medication goes into a healthy lifestyle.
Housing situations, exercise and physical activities, eating habits, social and work environments and more all affect health, and local coalitions are developing projects targeting some of those factors.
Coalitions at Cape Regional Medical Center in Cape May Court House and Rutgers University in Camden will join the AtlantiCare Foundation’s coalition in amping up nutrition access, recreational development and other plans to improve healthy living in Cape May County,
Bridgeton and Atlantic City, respectively, with grants from the New Jersey Health Initiatives. NJHI, the grant-making branch of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, launched a grant program last year that provides funding for community coalitions to help improve people’s physical, emotional and mental long-term health.
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